10.55.249 - Brandblusser schuim vorstvr 9l

Unit of Measure TypeSTUK
class27A - 183B - 25F
ES-TRIN approvedyes
capacity9 L
type of extinguisherfoam
descriptionfrost-free -30 ° C
17000by STUK
New rules for all fire extinguishers with effect from 1 January 2001: NEN 2559.

Every year: normal inspection (every 2 years for shipping)
After 5 years: detailed inspection, complete disassembly
After 10 years: complete overhaul
After 15 years: detailed inspection, complete disassembly
After 20 years: rejected

Number of fire extinguishers required:

Wheel house: 1
Every deck entrance to accommodation: 1
Every engine room entrance: 1
Below in engine room: 1
Every bow screw compartment entrance: 1
Below in bow screw compartment: 1
Distributed around the deck: 3

SOLAS - MED 96/98/EC approved (except 2 kg versions).
Applies to demands of ES-TRIN (art.13.03).
Approved by Fire Inspectorate.
Approbed by Fire insurers pricing agency.

Fire class: A = solid : wood, plastic
: B = fire of liquids : diesel, petrol
: C = fir of gasses : butane gas
: F = fire of fat : frying oil

Including manometer.
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