97.33.505 - Comp.ulex sensorhydrof.ub-0525

Unit of Measure TypeSTUK
volt230 V
descriptionCompact Ulex sensor pressure-water system UB-0525
Automatic thanks to unique microprocessor.
Very quiet pump for drinking water system.
Highly suitable for installation in small spaces due to the lack of a pressure tank.
Pump starts when the tap is opened and stops when it is closed.
Fitted with built-in non-return valve!

type: UB
colour: black with stainless steel
pump type: self-priming centrifugal pump
impeller type: closed
motor type: induction motor
fuse: built-in thermal protection
shaft seal: mechanical seal (ceramic on carbon)
materials: impeller : plastic
: pump housing : plastic
: pump shaft : stainless steel
liquids: clean water
voltage230 V AC

suction head: 8.0 meters
pressure tank type: membrane (built-in)
switch-on pressure: 1.6 bar : 2,580 litres per hour
switch-off pressure: 2.0 bar : 1,800 litres per hour
suitable for: water heater and 2 taps
connections: 1” inner thread
dimensions: LxWxH 370 x 190 x 265 mm
weight: 11.0 kg
current: 4.0 A
shaft power: 0.4 kW, 0.5 hp, 2,850 rpm
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