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ES-TRINArticle 13.02, paragraph 3 - Other equipment

3. In addition, the equipment shall include at least:
a) mooring cables:
Vessels shall be equipped with three mooring cables. Their minimum lengths shall be at least the following:

first cable: shiplength + 20 metres, but not more than 100 metres,
second cable: 2/3 of the first cable,
third cable: 1/3 of the first cable.

The shortest cable is not required on board vessels whose shiplength is less than 20 m.
The cables shall have a breaking load (Rs) that is calculated using the following formulae;

Length x beam x depth = LxBxD

For LxBxD up to 1000 m³:

Rs= 60 + LxBxD = kilo Newtons

For LxBxD greater than 1000 m³:

Rs= 150 + LxBxD = kilo Newtons

1 kilo Newton x 102 = kilogrammes
1 kilogramme / 102 = kilo Newtons

For the required cables a certificate in accordance with European Standard EN 10204 : 2004, under No 3.1, shall be on board.
These cables may be replaced by ropes having the same length and breaking load.

The minimum breaking load of these ropes shall be indicated in a certificate.

b) towing cables;
Tugs shall be equipped with a number of cables that are suitable for their operation.
However, the main cable shall be at least 100 m long and have a breaking load, in kN, not less than one third of the total power, in kW, of the main engine(s).
Motor vessels and pushers that are also able to tow shall be equipped with a towing cable that is at least 100 m long and whose breaking load, in kN, is not less than one quarter of the total power, in kW, of the main engine(s).


Rope & rope products
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