Helmsman's seat norsap 1000

Professional seat especially for seagoing shipping with an extra heavy duty base with many adjustment options, comes as standard with seat slide and large fold-up footrest.
Extra sitting comfort because the seat depth is linked to the back: When the position of the back changes, so does the seat depth.
If necessary, easily interchangeable cushions.

Column: round Ø 100 mm

Seat width: 47 cm
Seat depth: 50 cm
Back height: 90 cm
Dimensions: wxlxh= approx. 65 x 69 x 96 cm

standardM = manual
adjustableE = electrical

Seat angleM
Seat slideM : 9 cm
FootrestM : folding
RotatingM : 360 degrees (with the exception of the standard version, it is not rotatable)
ArmrestsM : folding and covered
ColumnM : gas spring

Cable duct: possibility of guiding cables through the arm rest, chair and column
Upholstery: black leather for heavy use, other colours or material on request


Norsap 1000 standard, flat base
Norsap 1000 standard, five star base
Norsap 1000 comfort, flat base
Norsap 1000 comfort, five star base
Norsap 1000, seperate seat
Norsap 1000, options
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