Helmsman's seat norsap 1600

The NorSap1600 is a sturdy and comfortable chair, extremely suitable for demanding environments.
Compact in size and easy to install.
The armrests offer ample space for concealing cables and installing equipment.
The user-friendly buttons for seat height and backrest adjustment are conveniently located in the armrest.
A large, folding footrest is supplied as standard.
Is supplied from the factory exclusively complete with base.
If necessary, easily interchangeable cushions can be supplied.

Column diameter: round : 150 mm
: oval : mm
Seat width: 45 cm
Seat depth: 55 - 58 cm
Backrest height: 85 cm
Dimensions: W x L x H = approx. 70 x 75 x 108 cm

standardM = manually
adjustableE = electric

Seat lengthM : 3 cm
FootrestM : folding and adjustable in height
Swivel functionM : 360 degrees
BackrestM : with gas spring
ArmrestsM : folding and covered
ColumnM : gas spring


Norsap 1600 comfort s, round, flat base
Norsap 1600 comfort s, round, five star base
Norsap 1600 comfort s, oval, flat base
Norsap 1600 comfort m, oval, flat base
Norsap 1600, seperate seat
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