Wearing rainwear is always very irritating when scrubbing (deck scrubbing), but this clothing will not hinder you at all. A really effective solution.

Safe: Your legs are not "locked up" when climbing up onto a bollard or hatch rim, and the hood turns with your head so there are no "dead corners".
Stretches up to 150% and goes back to the original shape again afterwards, never hinders movement.

Water and windproof, yet breathing and moisture absorbing.

Very supple (also when extremely cold), light as a feather (up to approx. 50% lighter), noiseless, washes well and PETROL AND OIL RESISTANT.
Loose fitting clothing is dangerous, the comfort and elasticity let you choose the right size.
Very strong, very highly tear resistant and can also be repaired well.


Rain suit, pvc/rayon, yellow
Rain suit, pvc/polyester, navy
Rain suit, pu stretch, navy
Raincoat, stretch
Rainproof trousers, stretch
Rainproof trousers - dungarees, stretch
Waterproof overalls, stretch
Raincoat with separate lining, stretch
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