Manilla rope, 220 metre coils

For situations where a synthetic rope is not suitable.
A diameter of 10 mm is often used as a throwing line.
A diameter of 20 mm is ideal as a lifeline for the ampDN because it cannot cause sparks. However, before use it is important to check that it has not perished.
Dry after use, is PERISHABLE.
Manilla rope floats.

colour: brown
construction: 3 strand twisted
weave: supple to tight
strand structure: twined fibres
material: 100% manilla

 Item CodeDescriptionweight per 100/220mdiameterlinear breaking load (kN)linear breaking load (tonne)comes as/lengthUnit of Measure
01.40.010Manilla 10mm 220m6.6 / 14.5 kg10 mm6.2 kN0.64 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.012Manilla 12mm 220m9.5 / 21.0 kg12 mm9.4 kN0.96 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.014Manilla 14mm 220m12.7 / 28.0 kg14 mm12.6 kN1.29 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.016Manilla 16mm 220m16.4 / 36.0 kg16 mm17.7 kN1.81 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.018Manilla 18mm 220m20.9 / 46.0 kg18 mm20.9 kN2.14 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.020Manilla 20mm 220m27.3 / 60.0 kg20 mm27.9 kN2.85 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.022Manilla 22mm 220m32.7 / 72.0 kg22 mm33.3 kN3.40 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.40.024Manilla 24mm 220m40.0 / 88.0 kg24 mm39.8 kN4.06 tcoil 220 mMETER
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