10.49.112 - +mp autom. 165n binnenvaart

Unit of Measure TypeSTUK
activation systemHalkey Roberts
Lume-On lifejacket illumination lightsexcluded
descriptionStandard: normal nylon cover
Automatically inflatable by means of a CO2 cartridge that is activated by a water-soluble tablet, or by using the pull cord.
Also inflatable by mouth and complete with whistle.
The cover is made of nylon and is provided with a velcro closure.
Must be worn over outer clothing.

Standard equipped with:

• adjustable leg strap
• hoisting eye
• plastic quick release

Meets the ES-TRIN requirements (art. 13.08, paragraph 2).

Classifications: life jacket : ISO 12402-3
: harness : ISO 12401
Activation system: Halkey Roberts : 32 grams
Colour: protective cover : dark blue
: floating body : luminescent yellow (suitable for Lume-On)
Buoyancy: 165N
Minimum bodyweight: 43 kg
Chest size: maximum 175 cm


5 unitsFK
10 unitsFH
15 unitsFG
20 unitsFF
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