22.40.260 - Norsap univers.onderstel flens

Unit of Measure TypeSTUK
Norsap typenumber6180
height53 / 79 cm
descriptionNorsap Universal, complete flat base
91400by STUK
NorSap Universal base for professional use.
Highly reliable and nicely finished base for small and medium-sized helmsman's chairs.
Equipped with gas spring for stepless height adjustment.

Adapter plate: black powder-coated aluminium
Footrest: black powder-coated aluminium
Column: anodised aluminium
Seat support: composite (fiber-reinforced plastic)

standardM = manual
adjustableE = electrical

Seat slideM : 18 cm
FootrestM : folding
RotatingM : 360 degrees (2 locking positions)
ColumnM : adjustable height with gas spring and shock absorption
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