Orka-12, short lengths

Much improved version of polysteel, and also extra reinforced with polyester yarns to reduce wear.
Polysteel is a modern version of polypropylene, and over 60% stronger than polypropylene.
Orka-12 rope floats.

colour: yellow and white
construction: 12-strand braided
weave: supple
strand structure: twined fibres
material: 100% high-grade polysteel with polyester

Complete mooring ropes with two spliced eyes.
Each length is neatly packed and finished.
All packaging is marked on the outside with diameter and length.
(Remaining length = cut length minus two 150 cm eyes, minus two 50 cm splices).

  Item CodeDescriptiondiameterlength remaining - cut lengthUnit of MeasurePrice
01.07.253Orka12 24mm 30m+2oog24 mm26 m - 30 mLENGTE117.50
01.07.254Orka12 24mm 40m+2oog24 mm36 m - 40 mLENGTE134.35
01.07.255Orka12 24mm 55m+2oog24 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE159.65
01.07.256Orka12 24mm 60m+2oog24 mm56 m - 60 mLENGTE168.05
01.07.283Orka12 28mm 30m+2oog28 mm26 m - 30 mLENGTE142.50
01.07.284Orka12 28mm 40m+2oog28 mm36 m - 40 mLENGTE163.95
01.07.285Orka12 28mm 55m+2oog28 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE196.15
01.07.329Orka12 32mm 110m+2oog32 mm106 m - 110 mLENGTE399.80
01.07.323Orka12 32mm 30m+2oog32 mm26 m - 30 mLENGTE174.00
01.07.324Orka12 32mm 40m+2oog32 mm36 m - 40 mLENGTE202.25
01.07.325Orka12 32mm 55m+2oog32 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE244.55
01.07.327Orka12 32mm 75m+2oog32 mm71 m - 75 mLENGTE301.00
01.07.328Orka12 32mm 85m+2oog32 mm81 m - 85 mLENGTE329.25
01.07.369Orka12 36mm 110m+2oog36 mm106 m - 110 mLENGTE484.70
01.07.363Orka12 36mm 30m+2oog36 mm26 m - 30 mLENGTE205.25
01.07.364Orka12 36mm 40m+2oog36 mm36 m - 40 mLENGTE240.20
01.07.365Orka12 36mm 55m+2oog36 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE292.60
01.07.367Orka12 36mm 75m+2oog36 mm71 m - 75 mLENGTE362.45
01.07.409Orka12 40mm 110m+2oog40 mm106 m - 110 mLENGTE586.95
01.07.403Orka12 40mm 30m+2oog40 mm26 m - 30 mLENGTE241.25
01.07.404Orka12 40mm 40m+2oog40 mm36 m - 40 mLENGTE284.45
01.07.405Orka12 40mm 55m+2oog40 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE349.30
01.07.407Orka12 40mm 75m+2oog40 mm71 m - 75 mLENGTE435.70
01.07.445Orka12 44mm 55m+2oog44 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE414.55
01.07.447Orka12 44mm 75m+2oog44 mm71 m - 75 mLENGTE520.60
01.07.449Orka12 44mm 110m+2oog44 mm106 m - 110 mLENGTE706.25
01.07.489Orka12 48mm 110m+2oog48 mm106 m - 110 mLENGTE811.45
01.07.485Orka12 48mm 55m+2oog48 mm51 m - 55 mLENGTE472.70
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