Orka hmpe, per meter

12 strand braided rope made from HMPE yarns.
The best alternative for heavy steel wires.
The strength of steel wire and the handling characteristics of rope.
The breaking load is higher and the weight is 85% lower than of steel wire.
These improved features are especially appreciated during towing and mooring of vessels.
HMPE rope floats.

colour: yellow
construction: 12-strand braided
weave: supple
strand structure: twined fibres
material: 100% high-grade HMPE of European origin
coating: special coating for better resistance to the weather and friction

 Item CodeDescriptionweight per 100/200mdiameterlinear breaking load (kN)linear breaking load (tonne)comes as/lengthUnit of Measure
01.02.118Orka hmpe yellow 270kn 18mm15,3 / 30,6 kg18 mm270.0 kN27.53 tper meterMETER
01.02.120Orka hmpe yellow 343kn 20mm20,0 / 40,0 kg20 mm343.0 kN34.98 tper meterMETER
01.02.122Orka hmpe yellow 400kn 22mm23,4 / 46,8 kg22 mm400.0 kN40.79 tper meterMETER
01.02.124Orka hmpe yellow 486kn 24mm28,4 / 56,8 kg24 mm486.0 kN49.56 tper meterMETER
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