01.07.369 - Orka12 36mm 110m+2oog

Unit of Measure TypeLENGTE
remaining length - cut length106 m - 110 m
diameter36 mm
Much improved version of polysteel, and also extra reinforced with polyester yarns to reduce wear.
Polysteel is a modern version of polypropylene, and over 60% stronger than polypropylene.
Orka-12 rope floats.

colour: yellow and white
construction: 12-strand braided
weave: supple
strand structure: twined fibres
material: 100% high-grade polysteel with polyester

Complete mooring ropes with two spliced eyes.
Each length is neatly packed and finished.
All packaging is marked on the outside with diameter and length.
(Remaining length = cut length minus two 150 cm eyes, minus two 50 cm splices).
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