Orkava pe12, 220 metre coils

Ideal for inland navigation.
Behaves somewhat like steel wire, does not jam and is reasonable to use with greased bollards to tie up vessels.
ORKAVA PE12 rope floats.

ORKAVA PE12 has a high shock absorption capacity and is very wear resistant.

Thanks to the somewhat hydrophobic raw materials, ORKAVA PE12 absorbs barely any water.
You are therefore guaranteed not to have mooring ropes that get frozen stiff in the winter.

colour: blue green with blue marker
construction: 12-strand braided
strand structure: double twined monofilament
material: 100% high-grade polyethylene
marker tape: ORKAVA guarantee tape in strand twisted with marker tape

  Item CodeDescriptionweight per 100/220mdiameterlinear breaking load (kN)linear breaking load (tonne)comes as/lengthUnit of MeasurePrice
01.19.148Orkava pe12 48 mm 220m 233kg105.9 / 233.0 kg48 mm219.7 kN22.40 tcoil 220 mKILO5.55
01.19.132Orkava pe12 32 mm 220m 107kg48.6 / 107.0 kg32 mm102.0 kN10.40 tcoil 220 mKILO5.90
01.19.136Orkava pe12 36 mm 220m 136kg61.8 / 136.0 kg36 mm127.5 kN13.00 tcoil 220 mKILO5.85
01.19.140Orkava pe12 40 mm 220m 168kg76.4 / 168.0 kg40 mm153.0 kN15.60 tcoil 220 mKILO5.75
01.19.144Orkava pe12 44 mm 220m 203kg92.3 / 203.0 kg44 mm184.4 kN18.80 tcoil 220 mKILO5.55
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