Tiger rope, 220 metre coils

Traditional rope that has been used for many decades, for example: moving ships with a winch or simply as a mooring rope, because it's so durable.
Tiger rope floats.

colour: black and white
construction: 3 strand twisted
weave: supple
material: 100% high-grade polypropylene with polyester

 Item CodeDescriptionweight per 100/220mdiameterlinear breaking load (kN)linear breaking load (tonne)comes as/lengthUnit of Measure
01.34.216Tiger rope 16 mm, 220m, 34kg15.5 / 34.0 kg16 mm36.3 kN3.70 tcoil 220 mKILO
01.34.218Tiger rope 18 mm, 220m, 43kg19.5 / 43.0 kg18 mm47.1 kN4.80 tcoil 220 mKILO
01.34.220Tiger rope 20 mm, 220m, 53kg24.1 / 53.0 kg20 mm56.9 kN5.80 tcoil 220 mKILO
01.34.222Tiger rope 22 mm, 220m, 63kg28.6 / 63.0 kg22 mm68.7 kN7.00 tcoil 220 mKILO
01.34.224Tiger rope 24 mm, 220m, 74kg33.6 / 74.0 kg24 mm80.4 kN8.20 tcoil 220 mKILO
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