54.04.100 - Viscose poetsdoeken wit 4kg 52

Unit of Measure TypeDOOS
number on pallet52
weight4 kg
The viscose multi wiping cloths eco are a non-woven cloth of viscose / polyester quality with hole structure.
This is an excellent cloth for specific applications where there is a demand for a fluff-free, strong, absorbent and solvent-resistant cloth.
Made from residual products, so very sustainable.
Because of the enormous quantity of cloths per kilo, it is economical in use, which also saves on waste costs.
Can be used to remove oil, hydrocarbons and grease.
Less suitable for absorbing water.
Guaranteed no knots, zips, imperfections and 100% white.

Quality: viscose/polyester
Number of cloths: approx. 70 cloths per kg
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