Block with 1 nylon pulley

Made of galvanized cast iron.
Often used in lighting masts, for hoisting flags and nautical lights.

 Item CodeDescriptionbiggest lengthpassage diameterpulley diameterweighteye diameterUnit of Measure
07.02.215Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 15mm50 mm5 mm15 mm25 gr10 mmSTUK
07.02.220Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 20mm60 mm6 mm20 mm40 gr11 mmSTUK
07.02.225Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 25mm70 mm7 mm25 mm60 gr12 mmSTUK
07.02.230Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 30mm80 mm8 mm30 mm75 gr13 mmSTUK
07.02.240Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 40mm93 mm9 mm40 mm125 gr14 mmSTUK
07.02.250Blokje verz. 1 nylon sch. 50mm113 mm12 mm50 mm190 gr15 mmSTUK
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