Orkava pe4, short lengths

Ideal for inland navigation.
Behaves somewhat like steel wire, does not jam and is reasonable to use with greased bollards to tie up vessels.
Do not use in a hawser basket and uncoil regularly!
ORKAVA PE4 rope floats.

ORKAVA PE4 has a high shock absorption capacity and is very wear resistant.

Thanks to the somewhat hydrophobic raw materials and also its weave, ORKAVA PE4 absorbs barely any water.
You are therefore guaranteed not to have mooring ropes that get frozen stiff in the winter.

colour: blue green with blue marker
construction: 4-strand twisted with core
weave: tight
strand structure: double twined monofilament
material: 100% high-grade polyethylene
marker tape: ORKAVA guarantee tape in strand twisted with marker tape

Complete mooring ropes with two spliced eyes.
Each length is neatly packed and finished as is normal in the ORKAVA factories.
All packaging is marked on the outside with diameter and length.
(Remaining length = cut length minus two 150 cm eyes, minus two 50 cm splices).

 Item CodeDescriptionremaining length - cut lengthapprox. wt. per lengthdiameterUnit of Measure
01.14.322Orkava32mm.35mtr+2oog hakken1831 m - 35 m18.0 kg32 mmKILO
01.14.325Orkava32mm.55mtr+2oog hakken2951 m - 55 m29.0 kg32 mmKILO
01.14.365Orkava36mm.55mtr+2oog hakken3651 m - 55 m36.0 kg36 mmKILO
01.14.367Orkava36mm.75mtr+2oog hakken4971 m - 75 m49.0 kg36 mmKILO
01.14.405Orkava40mm 55mtr+2oog hakken4451 m - 55 m44.0 kg40 mmKILO
01.14.408Orkava40mm 75mtr+2oog hakken6071 m - 75 m60.0 kg40 mmKILO
01.14.409Orkava40mm 85mtr+2oog hakken6681 m - 85 m66.0 kg40 mmKILO
01.14.411Orkava40mm 110mtr+2oog hakk85106 m - 110 m85.0 kg40 mmKILO
01.14.445Orkava44mm 55mtr+2oog hakken5951 m - 55 m59.0 kg44 mmKILO
01.14.447Orkava44mm 75mtr+2oog hakken7271 m - 75 m72.0 kg44 mmKILO
01.14.449Orkava44mm 110mtr+2oog hakk107106 m - 110 m107.0 kg44 mmKILO
01.14.489Orkava48mm 110mtr+2oog hakk122106 m - 110 m122.0 kg48 mmKILO
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