Pp multi, black, 220 metre coils

PP Multi is a rope that is comfortable to use because it has the handling characteristics of genuine nylon, however you pay considerably less.
For mooring ropes and fenders for yachts and also for fenders in inland shipping.

colour: black
construction: 3 strand twisted
weave: supple
strand structure: multifilament
material: 100% high-grade polypropylene

 Item CodeDescriptionweight per 100/220mdiameterlinear breaking load (kN)linear breaking load (tonne)comes as/lengthUnit of Measure
01.72.006Pp multi 3 str.zwart 6mm 220m1.7 / 3.8 kg6 mm5.4 kN0.55 treel 220 mMETER
01.72.008Pp multi 3 str.zwart 8mm 220m3.0 / 6.6 kg8 mm9.4 kN0.96 treel 220 mMETER
01.72.010Pp multi 3 str.zwart 10mm 220m4.5 / 9.9 kg10 mm14.0 kN1.43 treel 220 mMETER
01.72.012Pp multi 3 str.zwart 12mm 220m6.5 / 14.3 kg12 mm19.9 kN2.03 treel 220 mMETER
01.72.014Pp multi 3 str.zwart 14mm 220m9.1 / 20.0 kg14 mm27.4 kN2.79 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.72.016Pp multi 3 str.zwart 16mm 220m11.5 / 25.3 kg16 mm34.3 kN3.50 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.72.018Pp multi 3 str.zwart 18mm 220m14.8 / 32.5 kg18 mm43.6 kN4.45 tcoil 220 mMETER
01.72.020Pp multi 3 str.zwart 20mm 220m18.0 / 39.6 kg20 mm52.2 kN5.32 tcoil 220 mMETER
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